Now accepting applications for youth prevention conference!


We are currently accepting applications for YADAPP Conference Teams!

YADAPP stands for Youth Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Project.

This year Southside Wellness Coalition is supporting teams to attend this virtual conference that will be held July 11-14,2022 from 8:30 am until 2:30 p.m. each day. Even though the conference is virtual, participating teams will be allowed to gather at central locations in Brunswick, Halifax, and Mecklenburg counties, to be determined at a later date.

The teams must consist of one adult sponsor age 21 or older with a maximum of four youth per team, ages 14-18. Refreshments will be provided on-site. Volunteers will be on-site as needed for assistance as well. Materials, and technology necessary for the conference will be provided to each team. Lunch and transportation will not be provided by Southside Wellness Coalition.

Here’s the Community Revitalization Coalition’s callout for members to join its team.

Youth participants

Participants are rising 9th – rising 12th-grade students. These students can be leaders in their school or community (sports captains, club/organization officers, etc.). However, being a leader in the community is not a requirement to apply as a team. Participants are responsible for developing their Strategies To Act Now (STAN) plan at the conference and implementing their plan implementation in their communities.

Adult sponsor participants

Adult sponsors must be 21 years old or older and should be an adult in the school or community directly involved with the participants on the team. Adult sponsors are a key resource for the team when developing and implementing their plan. Serving as an adult sponsor is a year-long commitment.

At the conclusion of the team’s STAN plan, the adult sponsor should aid the Team in submitting the STAN plan final report which will serve as an application for the Wheeler Award (Virginia ABC Awards Grants to Support Youth Leadership Efforts to Prevent Substance Use). Adult sponsors should encourage participants to apply to be youth leaders and should continue to encourage youth staff to continue their leadership experiences. During the YADAPP conference, adult sponsors participate in their own track with session topics that include recruitment, retention, emotional leadership, community partnerships, and other topics that will help develop your participants!

What is a STAN Plan?

This stands for Strategies To Act Now plan. The STAN plan is the focal point of YADAPP. Participants work as a team throughout the conference to develop their own prevention plan, modeled after SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) model. Throughout the conference, students are provided with the tools and resources necessary to develop their STAN plans and to implement them in their schools and communities. Adult sponsors ensure the STAN plan is implemented through their team during the school year and meet quarterly with an ABC Education & Prevention Coordinator who oversees the Adult sponsors’ STAN plan implementation. The STAN plan final report is due by June 1st at the end of the school year, so 2023 for the upcoming YADAPP. Here is some additional info:

If interested in participating in this event please complete the following link and we will be in contact!

The deadline for team submissions is April 1, 2022