Southside Wellness Coalition Meeting Minutes for August 2020

Southside Wellness Coalition held its monthly meeting Aug. 20 at 1 p.m. via Zoom video conference.

We heard from coalition Chair Ann Bishop about member input. Her presentation (below) summarized expressed priorities moving forward; Target populations moving forward are youth, those affected by health disparities, and kin raising children; Priority initiatives will address mental health for all ages and substance abuse in general.
Paul Short with Face to Face Space Consulting is a professional trainer who is facilitating a strategic planning process for the Southside Wellness Coalition (SWC). Paul has met with the SWC leadership team once so far, and he joined this meeting to introduce himself to our group and describe a plan to equip our coalition with tools to maximize our impact. Paul will facilitate the program at our next general membership meeting September 17. Everyone’s participation and input is invited. His presentation is below.

Catherine Maloney, YMCA CEO and member of the SWC Leadership Team, represented SWC at the virtual mid-year conference July 27-30. Thank you Catherine for arranging your schedule to participate in 4 days of virtual conferences! Her presentation is below.


Next meeting

Thursday, Sept. 17 via Zoom, 1 to 2:30 p.m.

Kenan Tyner-Smith, Fiscal Agent, 434-394-3586;
Ann Bishop, Chair, 434-738-7025;