Kinship Care Hosts Paul Short: Finding Your Calm in Raising Your Family

Join us as Kinship Care introduces Paul Short for a series of evening talks about raising healthy families.

Topics include:

Sept. 2: Finding Your Calm in Raising Your Family
Sept. 16: Moving from Reacting to Responding to Your Child’s Needs
Sept. 30: Increase Engagement and Connections: 5 Nights of Fun

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In 2016, Paul Short, a Coach, National Trainer, and Public Speaker, founded FacetoFaceSpace, his coaching and training business, where he equips and empowers businesses, non-profits, families, couples, and individuals with practical tools and strategies to increase advancement and value.

“I look forward to investing in your journey. Soar with direction and power.” – Paul Short

What is Kinship Care?

We are a grass-roots care group made of individuals who are raising their grandchildren or the children of other kin due to unforeseen circumstances. Once a month, we meet to share resources, plan events, and show support for each other. We welcome all local citizens to join us and share their knowledge.



Sep 02 2020


7:00 pm

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