YMCA Healthy Kids Day

ISO: Healthy Kids Day Vendors, Churches, Schools, and Community Businesses

Nothing charges up kids like summer—and Healthy Kids Day® is the Y’s official start to the best summer ever! So make sure your kids get the most they can out of this summer…in spirit, mind, and body.

Healthy Kids Day® is a YMCA initiative to raise awareness for summer learning loss and decreased physical activity. Summer learning loss is a national health program in developing youth. While youth are at home during the summer, it is important that we encourage them to read, write, and play both inside and outside during the summer months.

In addition to learning loss, physical activity is also minimized during this time due to a variety of factors. Sports seasons usually conclude prior to the summer, leaving children with no outlet for exercise. In addition, the extreme summer heat can play a toll on a child’s desire to play outside. This lack of physical activity also attributes to the learning loss that kids experience. When your body is active, it helps your mind stay active too!

In order to encourage children to be active and healthy throughout the summer, several of our branches participate in Healthy Kids Day® – a FREE community event that includes healthy vendors, exhibits, arts and crafts, music, giveaways, and FUN!

Contact your local YMCA to learn how to get involved!


Apr 30 2022